PRE-ICO Starts in:


Bitcoin 0.2899
0.2899 Litecoin
Ehterium 0.2899
0.2899 Monero


Based on the existing rules of the ICO campaign, on the final results of each financial year, 40% of the net operating profit is transferred to the ETH purse and in the future the profit is distributed among the holders of the BUY & SELL (BAS) tokens.

BONUSES. THINGS TO KNOW ICO will be divided into 2 stages. The percentage of token bonuses will decrease due to the reduction of time to complete each stage of the ICO.


Total number of tokens = 120.000.000

Distribution of BAS tokens:

-Investors – 75% (90.000.000)

-BUY&SELL Co. – 20% (24.000.000)

-Bounty – 5% (6.000.000)

Updating the platform - 20%

Promotion - 30%

Advertising - 45%

Team – 5%


  • * Subscribe to the latest offers.
  • * Selecting your own outlets.
  • * Special placement of own branches.
  • * Priority update of the field.
  • * Getting platform analytics.
  • * Buy and sell goods.
  • * Buying Advertising.
  • * Create and promote own online stores and trading platforms.
  • * Vote and raise the status and version of your account on the social network.
  • * Purchase and sell tokens to other participants in the BUY&SELL platform.
  • * Purchase and sell BAS tokens on stock exchanges.
  • * Earn BAS tokens, which helps in the development and promotion of the platform BUY&SELL.


  • * Early access to platform testing.
  • * Discounts from producers.
  • * The total release of tokens = 120,000,000, 90,000,000 of the released tokens is in the hands of investors.
  • * The benefits of acquiring BAS tokens - the difference in the cost of BAS tokens in the period of the basic ICO and PRE-ICO = 100% ($ 0.2 and $ 0.1 respectively).
  • * Additional bonuses in the form of free tokens when purchased during the main ICO and PRE-ICO = 10-40%.
  • * Additional summable bonuses in the form of free tokens when acquired during the main ICO and PRE-ICO, depending on the amount of purchase (amount of payment).
  • * Growth in the value of BAS tokens on exchanges.
  • * Increase in the cost of BAS-tokens with an increase in the number of users and product offers in the system = from 500% per year.
  • * The increase in the profit of BAS-Tokens holders (investors) due to the collection of operating expenses by the platform from each transaction in the amount of 2%
  • * We offer a built-in escrow service, we do not use a third party and our escrow/payment process has been developed from the ground up and is always maintained to add extra features and make it more secure as we grow and expand.
  • * The ability to exchange for another crypto currency at any time.
  • * Chance to become a part of the company and contribute to the development of Internet marketing.